What’s Celtic Medical health insurance?

by admin on August 5, 2016

Celtic medical health insurance has already been providing types of health insurance coverage since 1978. Despite the fact that initially Celtic began with team insurance, life insurance coverage and individual insurance coverage, eventually these people settled along with only person health insurance policies. Today, Celtic is among the leading specialty medical health insurance companies in the usa. It offers over ninety, 000 plan holders all over the ALL OF US. Celtic is actually licensed to supply health insurance in most the says except The islands. Their superb reputation, financial balance and customer care fetched all of them A. Michael Best score A- (superb).


Celtic offers mainly five types of individual medical health insurance plans; Celtic basic coverage of health, Comprehensive wellness plan, HSA competent health programs, short term health care insurance and student medical health insurance. All these types of main groups have a number of subdivisions.

Celtic fundamental health coverage- Celtic fundamental plan functions within physician and medical center PPO system. This plan covers people between your age number of 6 several weeks and sixty four ½ many years. Under this plan of action, the plan holder can go to the doctor twice per 12 months with co-pay associated with $30 every. Anything extra must be borne through the customer. Basic plan is really a low high quality plan along with high insurance deductible. The insurance deductible offered tend to be $1, 500, $2, 500 as well as $5, 000. Prescription medications are not really covered with this plan. Nevertheless, one can choose prescription medication coverage being an add-on.

Comprehensive wellness plan- You will find three kinds of comprehensive airplane; Celticare favored select PPO, Celticare favored ‘Any Doc’ PPO as well as Celticare favored managed indemnity. Celticare favored select PPO plan holders may access physician and healthcare facility which are within the actual network. They may avail the top quality care for that lowest premium and also the co-pay is as little as $15. ‘Any doc’ PPO members possess the flexibility of likely to any doctor for that medical treatment. However, to savor the complete advantages of the plan, the hospitals ought to be within the actual PPO system. ‘Any Doc’ plan holders need to pay co-pay associated with $35 for each office go to. Celticare favored managed indemnity members don’t have any limitations. They can go to the doctor as well as hospital of the choice. Thorough health strategy provides $20 co-pay with regard to prescription universal drugs.

HSA competent health plans- This can be a high insurance deductible plan that provides the choice of starting a health checking account. People who’ve this plan can avail the initial tax advantages. This strategy offers handled indemnity as well as PPO programs for members who’re aged in between 18 many years and sixty four ½ many years.

Short phrase medical insurance- It’s temporary medical health insurance coverage for all those between work, college graduates as well as early retired people. Applicants may choose along coverage through 1-6months. Inpatient, outpatient, workplace visit medical charges as well as laboratory costs are protected under this particular policy.

Student wellness insurance- This really is also the temporary medical health insurance that is fantastic for students. Applicants may choose along coverage through 1-6 months plus they can make an application for three terms for any total associated with 12 several weeks of protection. Student wellness plans can be found in different deductibles.

Celtic is really a specialist within individual programs. It is definitely an affordable solution for everybody who is in require of top quality health treatment plans.